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We are very enthusiastic on serving you and helping you make your goal turn into reality. Making your loved ones happy is very important with us.

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    With our 23 years of existence, we continue to make our customer’s dream of making their loved ones happy

    Our Cargo Partners

    With everyday pick up and weekly shipping your boxes can arrive faster and can be used readily for your loved ones’ immediate needs. Try our sea and air cargo partners.

    Universal Net Enterprises - Partners - LBC
    Universal Net Enterprises - Partners - Purolator
    Universal Net Enterprises - Partners - FedEx
    Universal Net Enterprises - Partners - DHL

    Remit Here, Receive Anywhere

    Remittances of our client’s loved ones in the Philippines can be made possible with our diverse methods.

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    Bank Deposit

    • Transfer money to your loved ones via bank deposit. Credit to account can take a minute to 24 hours or up to 3-5 working days for rural banks especially the ones located in remote places.

    Money Pick Up

    • Send money to your family and let them pick up from any of our partner pawnshops (money will be available the next day)

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    • We understand the need of other senders whose loved ones have limited mobility. Delivery is currently available for Manila Area only. Delivery fulfillment takes 3-5 days.

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